Why wouldn’t you want help looking for a job?

The job market is tough right now. Even highly qualified executives can spend months looking for a job, competing against other candidates. In such a situation, it makes sense to want help looking for a job.

Search firms can help you find a job that matches your skill set and your goals. As you look for your next executive position, here are 4 reasons to consider a search firm:

Inside Track on Executive Job Openings

The best executive job openings aren’t filled through public postings. Companies hire headhunters to find executives that fit their needs. The world of executive hiring is one of insiders and rumors. If you want the inside track, you need to be on the inside. Search firms are on the inside because they are the very entities looking for candidates to fill executive openings. Look for a job with the help of a search firm, and you’ll have access to job openings that most people don’t even know about until after they are filled.

Work with Someone Who Matches Candidates with Companies

Finding the right fit in a position isn’t just about checking boxes on a list of accomplishments and job duties. There’s an entire culture to manage at a company, and you will do a better job at a company where you feel like you “fit in” with the culture, and where your strengths are appreciated and needed. When you work with a search firm, you work with people who get to know you, and who understand your needs as well as the company’s. As a result, you are more likely to be matched with a company and a job opening right for you. Your work is likely to be challenging, meaningful, and enjoyable when you are matched with a position.

Get Help Developing Your Resume

A good search firm goes beyond just trying to match candidates with job openings. Your search firm can help you develop your resume so that it is tailored with what top companies are looking for. From formatting to highlighting your most relevant accomplishments, a search firm helps you put your best foot forward on paper. The search firm can also help you rework your resume for different positions to ensure that your characteristics and strengths most applicable to the company and job opening at hand are always emphasized. Having someone on your side to help you navigate this world can be very helpful, and increase the chance that you will get the job you want.

Interview Practice and Help

Search firms offer job hunt help services to executives who want to feel confident about the process, and who want to find just the right position. Your interview with a company is an important part of the process.

Your search firm will help you prepare for interviews. Today’s job market includes a wide variety of interviews: in-person, on the phone, and video conferencing are all possibilities. Learn how to present yourself during each type of interview, and role play different types of interviews. Practice brings confidence, and an executive needs to portray confidence when interviewing for a new position. It also helps that search firms know what companies want to see, and can coach you in a way that gives you an “in” when you interview with a specific company.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to look for a job alone. In today’s tough job market, even qualified executives need any edge they can get. The right search firm can give you that edge. When your career is on the line, why wouldn’t you want help looking for a job?

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