April Placement of the Month: From Underemployed to SVP

This month’s featured client recently accepted a position as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Development with a diversified commercial real estate investment firm. 

His story is familiar to those in Real Estate. Starting in the late ‘90s, our client accumulated a decade of experience working for publicly and privately held real estate development organizations. But when the market collapsed in 2008, he found himself in residential mortgage lending—not an industry he wanted to be in or stay in.

 After years of unsuccessful job searching, this client joined our Executive Marketing program. His goal was simple: he wanted back into acquisitions and development. So we worked with him to position his skills and experience, creating an executive marketing campaign that caught the attention of industry leaders.

And after just four months, we placed him in a Senior Vice President position with a commercial real estate investment firm—even without having acquired a property in over six years.  

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