Meet the client who stepped out of his comfort zone—and into the C-suite.

This month we’re featuring an Executive Marketing client who, after more than fifteen years in the real estate and hospitality industries, accepted a position as Chief Administrative Officer of a globally recognized automotive component manufacturer. 

After being laid off by his long-time employer, our client pursued his own ventures, co-founding multiple real estate investment and management startups. While these endeavors were successful, our client desired the stability of an established corporate environment.

That's where we came in.

We sharpened our client’s interview skills and cleaned up his resume, highlighting his experience in treasury, finance, risk and administration. We marketed his skills and expertise nationwide -- not limiting our search to real estate and financial services, but tapping into our network of hiring executives across other industries where his skills were transferable.

In just a matter of months, he was negotiating multiple offers in his local market, ultimately accepting the Chief Administrative Officer position. This job was the best fit culturally, aligned with his career goals, and exceeded his salary expectations. Best of all, it was just a five-minute drive from his home.

We placed this client in his dream job -- and with a company he never would have expected.

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