Meet our Placement of the Month: A Sharpened Focus Leads to Success

Our Client
Forgoing a successful 12+ year career on Wall Street with noted institutional-quality real estate and private equity firms, this month’s featured client went on to be an entrepreneur serving as a partner in a private equity firm he founded.  After three years of facing an environment of skittish equity partners and over-priced assets, our client decided it was time to join an institutional-grade company with a stable platform of equity and sourcing for investments.

The negative reaction among the financial services marketplace to our client’s entrepreneurial venture, combined with the demands of winding down his business and starting a job search, led the client to turn to us for our advice and expertise in professional marketing and ultimate placement.

Our Solution
We worked with him to sharpen his focus on the following:
 Career paths and targeted resumes;
 Development and execution of a focused strategic marketing plan;
 How to best articulate the reasons for his “career detour” and why it was beneficial in the long-term; and
 Outreach to and direct contact with the hundreds of firms that would be impressed with his experience and credentials.

In four months, our client had three job offers in Atlanta, New York and Denver.  He ultimately chose a Chief Investment Officer position with a Real Estate Private Equity Firm in Denver.

Whether it be anywhere in the US or the world, 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing & Job Finding has been successful in representing and placing 400+ executives in the last ten years with our unique program of marketing and contacting the right people in your job search.

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