Meet Our Latest Success Story: The Perfect Placement at the Right Time

Our Client

This month, we are featuring a 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing client who recently accepted a position as Senior Vice President of Development with a major real estate investor in Texas. The firm recently completed the capital raise of more than $1B to invest in single-family homes for rent, which prompted the immediate need for a versatile and seasoned development executive. Our client previously held development positions with major multi-family and single-family developers located throughout the Northeast US.

Despite his ample career experience, broad network and impressive educational background, our Executive Marketing Program was instrumental in uncovering this opportunity and several others for our client. 

Our Solution

  • We collaborated closely with our client to craft a written and verbal narrative that represented his background in an accurate and compelling way - resulting in a much more marketable candidate on paper and in person.

  • As part of our one-of-a-kind Executive Marketing program, we drafted a resume that best articulated this narrative. We coached him through how to effectively convey his experiences in interviews and how to handle those tough-to-answer questions.

  • Through our extensive personal network of executives and hiring managers and also our proprietary global database of 100,000+ contacts, we reached out to our client’s target companies - and then some - on his behalf, easing the burden of researching and applying. We helped our client to navigate the surplus of interviews requests, ultimately narrowing down to only those that aligned with his objectives and geographic preferences. And when it came time to interview, he was well prepared and confident thanks to our team's one-on-one coaching.


Once we sourced and then facilitated the introduction, our client was quickly offered the position and an employment package that outpaced his previous compensation and exceeded his expectations. He joins his new employer at an exciting time as the company embarks on this new venture with our client at the helm.

Harnessing the power of a proven proprietary program of marketing and career coaching, 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing & Job Finding has represented and placed more than 500 executives in the US and around the world. As experts in the fields of career coaching and job finding, you'll outsource almost every aspect of your job search to us!

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