What You Can Learn from This C-Level Placement About Your Own Job Search

Our Client

This month, we’re showcasing a Chief Financial Officer who engaged the services of 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing after her previous company was acquired by a private equity firm. Needing to find her next long-term home, she wanted to join a private firm that had stability and longevity in the financial sector, avoiding the churn-and-burn mentality of the private equity world. 

Even with a glowing resume and excellent references and referrals, this talented candidate was experiencing a difficult time finding private firms that offered the future she desired. We helped enable her to expand her network beyond her prior colleagues in the private equity marketplace to make the connections that would place her in a position of power. 

Our Solution

  • Through our extensive personal network of executives and hiring managers and our proprietary global database of 100,000+ contacts, our team immediately helped discover and define companies that met our client's specific criteria.

  • We then marketed her to appeal to leaders who valued endurance and a clear-cut 10-year growth plan. By crafting a careful and compelling narrative that would speak to her experience and unique skill set, our team set our client up for success with the exact types of companies she wanted to work with.

  • As part of our one-of-a-kind Executive Marketing program, we drafted a resume that best articulated this narrative. We coached her through how to effectively convey her background and career trajectory in interviews and how to handle those tough-to-answer questions.


In six months, our client was hired by a family-owned firm that valued her financial acumen coupled with extensive operational expertise. She found a company where she felt she could grow, expand her talents and ultimately finish out her career. 

Harnessing the power of a proven proprietary program of marketing and career coaching, 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing & Job Finding has represented and placed more than 500 executives in the US and around the world. As experts in the fields of career coaching and job finding, you'll outsource almost every aspect of your job search to us!

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