April Placement of the Month: Our Success Is Yours


Our Client

This month, we are featuring a 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing client with a distinguished background as a President, CEO and COO with leading financial services, real estate and business services companies. He has been instrumental in determining strategy, implementing technology and leading operations throughout his career. 

This accomplished professional initially engaged 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing in early 2018 to find a new position. After quickly accepting a COO/CFO role, he found the company not to his standards and re-entered our program. Our team was more than happy to work with him again to find a better placement.

Our Solution

  • After re-introducing our client to our proprietary recruitment system, we directed several insightful interviews with him to determine his unique attributes that would build his confidence and make him stand out. Through these in-depth conversations, we updated his resume and online profiles and prepped him for interviews.

  • We discussed what his dream job would ultimately entail, and what facets of the ideal company he would like to focus on, including job description, company culture and location.

  • We executed a highly focused search,  choosing companies that met our client's criteria and centering on our deep real estate networks throughout the Midwest.


After 2.5 months of marketing our client and connecting him with viable companies, he is now considering two executive-level job offers with well-regarded companies in the Midwest.

The 20/20 Foresight Executive Search team considers your success our success. We will work with you hand-in-hand to not only craft your personal brand, but to find companies where your singular expertise will be appreciated and cultivated. 

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