News You Can Use: How to Know if You're Ready to Quit Your Job

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Quitting your job is a major decision -- but it can also be a majorly empowering one. If you find yourself stagnating in a position or, worse yet, dreading setting foot in the door, it's time to do some honest soul searching -- and come up with a plan. These are the five questions to ask yourself when you're contemplating shaking things up, career wise.

The career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing understand the intricacies of searching for a job while you already have one. We're here to help you maneuver your way through a job change that will help you find a position where you feel fulfilled and ready to go the distance. Connect with us by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.

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Meet Our May Placement: From Contractor To Chief Officer

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Our Client

This month, we’re highlighting a Chief Accounting Officer who came to 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing when he was having a tough time finding a permanent position that was commensurate with the experience he had gained over many years of demonstrated success. 

Despite having numerous engagements as an independent contractor, he found it tiresome having to find his next project time and time again. He had previously led an accounting department and knew he could offer management experience in addition to his extensive expertise solving complex tax issues.

Our Solution

  • We tapped into our vast network of financial companies, connecting with the right industry leaders and positioning our client's impressive background to appeal to hiring professionals he previously didn't know existed.

  • We zeroed in on the esteemed firms that fit his specific criteria, refining our search so that he was enthusiastic about the opportunities we presented to him and well-prepared for the interviewing process.


In just a few months, our client was hired with a firm he was truly excited about. In his new permanent position as Chief Accounting Officer, he no longer had to simultaneously search for his next project and cover his family's insurance costs. Best of all, he got back to leading a department and moving a firm forward as part of a team.

The 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing team of consultants is here to help you identify and amplify your special skills and unique capabilities to connect with a career that will provide job satisfaction and a better quality of life. 

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