News You Can Use: July Jobs Report Remains Resilient

employment trends

With earnings slowly but steadily on the rise and job creation continuing its historic surge across a broad range of industries, how does a prospective candidate stand out from a revitalized crowd of job seekers and harness the power of today's still hot (but still uncertain) economy?

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Job Growth Slows in July but Remains Solid | The New York Times

News You Can Use: Dealing With Age Discrimination in the Workplace


Recent employment studies show that older workers are facing age discrimination on the job. How are companies approaching ageism and ensuring that their workforce is inclusive? This Fast Company article has some intriguing answers.

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Ageism is thriving, so what are companies doing about it? | Fast Company

March Placement of the Month: From Public to Private Sector

Our Client

In March, we highlighted a Chief Investment Officer who came to us when her position with a major pension fund had become too overbearing. Looking for a change, she wanted to join a private fund — and if the position could be in a warm climate with a lower state income tax, all the better.

Despite having a strong network of professional and personal references, she was having trouble identifying opportunities because of her network's relationship with the pension fund where she still worked. And while her professional experience and track record were impressive, her resume also needed work.

Our Solution

  • We engaged our extensive networks and industry-leading databases, positioning our client to appeal to leaders at the top private funds located on her list of desired states. 

  • Based on our outreach and marketing of our client, we were able to quickly present her with viable interview opportunities versus aimless network conversations. 

  • As part of our one-of-a-kind Executive Marketing program, we coached our client on how to effectively convey her background and career trajectory in interviews and how to handle those tough-to-answer questions about why she was looking to transition roles.


Today, our client is happily managing a private fund for a firm with a long-term investment strategy. Most importantly, she transitioned away from the microscope of working for a public firm, lives in a desirable warm climate and eliminated her state income tax burden. 

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News You Can Use: How to Feel Appreciated in the Workplace

Photo: Amy Hirschi / Unsplash

Photo: Amy Hirschi / Unsplash

Perhaps you left your last job because you felt your efforts were going unnoticed. As you're searching for your next opportunity, take this moment to re-frame your role at your next company. By understanding your company's organizational priorities, demonstrating initiative on new projects, delivering results and, yes, showing appreciation, you're sure to rise to the top — and stay there.

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This Is the Right Way to Assert Your Importance at Work | Fast Company

News You Can Use: Top Tips for Negotiating Salary After a Job Offer


You got the job offer (hooray!), but you want to negotiate the salary before fully accepting the position. Never fear; this is a typical part of the process. Here's how to handle the discussions so that your new employer realizes your true worth before you even start.

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How To Negotiate Salary After a Job Offer | The Cut

Celebrating the successes of 2018 and looking ahead to 2019

As we are all aware from the headlines, 2018 saw one of the strongest job markets in decades, continuing a surge of steady growth for the past nine years. The national unemployment rate hovered at 3.7 percent -- the lowest it has been since 1969. This is all encouraging news, but how will the ever-changing job market fare in 2019? What will be the disruptors we should look out for?

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