News You Can Use: How to Handle Tough Job Interview Questions

job interview questions

"Tell me about yourself." For interviewers, it may seem like an innocuous, straightforward question. But when you're in the job interview hot seat, that query can be intimidating. With these tips from the "Ask a Boss" column on The Cut, you'll know how to frame your professional past to make a positive lasting impression. 

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How to Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself' in a Job Interview | The Cut

News You Can Use: How to Deal With a Lengthy Job Search

job interview tips

There are numerous factors that contribute to a lengthy job search -- and many of those aspects are beyond the candidate's control. This Fast Company article offers tips to keep your focus sharp and your motivation high during this often unpredictable time. 

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How to Cope With a Long Job Search | Fast Company

News You Can Use: How to Master the Post-Interview Waiting Game


It's happened to all of us -- you have a positive job interview experience that you're sure is going to lead to an immediate offer, only to wait. And wait. It can be excruciating, but it's helpful to remind yourself that the hiring process often takes longer than anyone anticipates. Sit tight, and if you're the right candidate, you will hear back. 

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I Had a Great Job Interview - Why Haven't I Heard Back? | The Cut