News You Can Use: July Jobs Report Remains Resilient

employment trends

With earnings slowly but steadily on the rise and job creation continuing its historic surge across a broad range of industries, how does a prospective candidate stand out from a revitalized crowd of job seekers and harness the power of today's still hot (but still uncertain) economy?

The career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing follow the employment forecasts and hiring trends closely to best position you to find, secure and keep the job of your dreams. Tell us about your career goals for the future by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.

Job Growth Slows in July but Remains Solid | The New York Times

News You Can Use: How to Know if You're Ready to Quit Your Job

job search

Quitting your job is a major decision -- but it can also be a majorly empowering one. If you find yourself stagnating in a position or, worse yet, dreading setting foot in the door, it's time to do some honest soul searching -- and come up with a plan. These are the five questions to ask yourself when you're contemplating shaking things up, career wise.

The career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing understand the intricacies of searching for a job while you already have one. We're here to help you maneuver your way through a job change that will help you find a position where you feel fulfilled and ready to go the distance. Connect with us by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.

Do You Hate Your Job? | Inc.

News You Can Use: How to Productively Express Your Feelings at Work

Photo by  Nik MacMillan  on  Unsplash

When you're starting a new job, it's crucial to consider the corporate culture of your new office, including how employees express themselves. By demonstrating thoughtful reactions and enacting meaningful conversations, your role will seamlessly mesh with your colleagues and you'll get more fulfillment out of your day-to-day interactions.

Think of the career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing as an insightful recruitment resource when you're preparing to interview as well as when you're navigating the on-boarding process of your new position. Connect with us by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.

How to Productively Express Your Feelings at Work | Thrive Global

News You Can Use: How to Handle Tough Job Interview Questions

job interview questions

"Tell me about yourself." For interviewers, it may seem like an innocuous, straightforward question. But when you're in the job interview hot seat, that query can be intimidating. With these tips from the "Ask a Boss" column on The Cut, you'll know how to frame your professional past to make a positive lasting impression. 

How do the career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing prepare you for these common types of interview scenarios? We work with you one-on-one to identify and develop your personal brand so you always know how to present yourself with aplomb.

How to Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself' in a Job Interview | The Cut

News You Can Use: How to Stay Motivated During a Job Search

Photo by  Danielle MacInnes  on  Unsplash

Your energy and drive can vary from day to day, especially during a job search. But, by employing a few simple productivity hacks as outlined by this helpful Fast Company article, you can move past procrastination and start to see progress, even during the most trying times.

The team of career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing collaborate with you on a one-on-one basis to make the most of every moment of your job search. From updating your resume to prepping for interviews and presenting yourself in the best light, you'll be supported every step of the way. Connect with us by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.  

How to Summon Motivation When You Feel Like You Don't Have Any | Fast Company

News You Can Use: How to Deal With a Lengthy Job Search

job interview tips

There are numerous factors that contribute to a lengthy job search -- and many of those aspects are beyond the candidate's control. This Fast Company article offers tips to keep your focus sharp and your motivation high during this often unpredictable time. 

20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing is a one-of-a-kind, industry-leading service that advises and guides job seekers throughout the entire hiring process. Our expert career consultants offer advice, direction and support to help assure smart searches and successful hires. Connect with us by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.

How to Cope With a Long Job Search | Fast Company

News You Can Use: How to Think Better and Faster on Your Feet


The job hunt requires a tremendous amount of mental gymnastics -- will you be prepared when a potential employer asks about your contributions to your last company or worse, an employment gap on your resume? Practicing the art of thinking quick on your feet is essential to acing an interview -- and winning at life. 

The career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing are here to help you package yourself and polish your personal brand so that no question will catch you off guard. Find out how we can help you discover your next dream job by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100. 

Five Ways to Get Better at Thinking on Your Feet | Fast Company

News You Can Use: What Your Body Language Is Saying About You


Your body language speaks volumes about you -- especially in a high-stress setting such as a job interview. By paying attention to the non-verbal cues you may be sending to the person responsible for hiring you, you can send a loud-and-clear message about your capability and your confidence so you ace the interview and land the job.

The career experts at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing are your go-to team for everything from polishing your resume to perfecting your interviewing skills. Find out how we can collaborate on your personal brand by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100. 

Here's How Your Body Language Can Make or Break a Job Interview | Refinery 29

Meet Our April Placement: From Wall Street to Hometown


Our Client

This month, we’re highlighting a private equity Managing Director who came to 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing when he was finding it difficult to discover a position in his hometown that was on par with his Wall Street credentials that he had worked extremely hard throughout his career to attain. Looking for a change, he wanted to join a respected private equity firm, namely, one with a track record of excellence on the buy side — and that was located close to home.

Despite having numerous personal connections, he was having trouble reaching firms that could afford someone of his professional stature. While his "street cred" expertise and Big Ten education were impressive, his local network needed a boost because he had not lived in his hometown in 20 years.

Our Solution

  • We tapped into our vast network of financial companies, connecting with the right industry leaders and positioning our client's impressive background to appeal to hiring professionals he previously didn't know existed.

  • We zeroed in on the esteemed private equity firms that fit his criteria, refining our search so that he was enthusiastic about the opportunities we presented to him and well-prepared for the interviewing process.


In just a few short months, our client was hired with a firm he was excited about. He didn't have to sacrifice on his compensation package due to his long-term equity plan offered. Best of all, he escaped the big city and returned home.

The 20/20 Foresight Executive Search team knows inherently that quality counts over quantity when it comes to finding the ideal position. We will consult with you to understand what components — from company reputation to the office address — that matter most to you. 

Schedule a conversation today with one of our Executive Marketing & Job Finding experts by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.

News You Can Use: How to Search for Your Next Job While Still at Your Current One


Trying to find a new job while still at your old one is one of life's great conundrums -- especially when your prospective boss and your current employer know each other. Here is some practical advice for navigating the waters with grace while you're waiting it out for your next offer. 

The career consultants at 20/20 Executive Marketing have guided thousands of job seekers through the entire hiring process -- from preparing to take that first step to signing on the dotted line -- with discretion, determination and assurance. Contact us by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to see how we can help you.

My Boss Found Out I'm Job Hunting! | The Cut

News You Can Use: We Settle the Debate on the Post-Interview Thank You Note


A recent LinkedIn post concerning the importance of the post-interview thank you note has gone viral -- who knew this could be such a controversial topic! Here's what one Forbes contributor and former hiring manager had to say on the subject. (For the record: We're always advocates of the thoughtful thank you note.)

Your entire job search -- from polishing your resume to prepping for interviews to helping negotiate your starting salary -- can be outsourced to us, your career coaching team. The consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing are well versed in everything related to recruitment; contact us by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100. 

How Important Is It To Send a Thank You After a Job Interview | Forbes

20/20 Foresight Executive Search Ranked in the Top 20 on Forbes List of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms

20/20 Foresight Executive Search, a retained executive search firm specializing in the real estate, financial and manufacturing and service industries, was recently ranked #18 by Forbes on its prestigious list of “America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms 2019.”

Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to rank the top 200 executive search firms in the United States that specialize in filling positions with salaries of at least $100,000. The highly anticipated annual list comes at a favorable time as the U.S. economy has enjoyed more than 100 consecutive months of job gains. This unprecedented growth has contributed to an increased need for experienced recruitment professionals to guide successful hires across all industries.

Since its founding in 1994, 20/20 Foresight Executive Search has leveraged a proven proprietary recruitment process, the industry’s deepest databases and leading technological tools, and career consultants who are also experts in the fields in which they serve. Managing Principal and Founder Bob Cavoto feels this singular combination is the secret to his company’s ongoing success.

“We are honored to have been named as one of the nation’s top 20 executive recruiting firms during our 25th anniversary year,” said Cavoto.  “This distinction speaks to 20/20 Foresight’s vision of providing the best possible recruitment experience for our clients. Centered on the belief that a strong recruiter supported by a firm with the right systems, tools and expertise can have a powerful impact and build long-lasting client relationships, we have carefully and deliberately nurtured the people and the processes that have contributed to our success and this esteemed industry achievement.”

About the List

In developing the ranking of "America’s Best Recruiting Firms," Forbes partnered with market research company Statista. The broad field of recruitment firms was divided into two main categories: Executive Search, featuring firms that place executives in positions with more than $100,000 per year in income; and Professional Search, representing firms that specialize in filling professional and specialist positions that pay up to $100,000 per year.

To determine the list, Statista surveyed 25,000 recruiters and 5,000 job candidates and human resources managers who had worked with recruitment agencies over the last three years. Respondents were asked to nominate up to 10 recruiting firms in both the executive and professional search categories. More than 17,000 nominations were collected, and firms with the most recommendations ranked highest.

To learn more about the Forbes Lists of America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms 2019, click here.

News You Can Use: Dealing With Age Discrimination in the Workplace


Recent employment studies show that older workers are facing age discrimination on the job. How are companies approaching ageism and ensuring that their workforce is inclusive? This Fast Company article has some intriguing answers.

From navigating the changing workplace to making sure your personal brand is accurately and positively reflected during and after your job search, the expert consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing are your career coaching support system. Find out more about our proven proprietary system by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to connect. 

Ageism is thriving, so what are companies doing about it? | Fast Company

March Placement of the Month: From Public to Private Sector

Our Client

In March, we highlighted a Chief Investment Officer who came to us when her position with a major pension fund had become too overbearing. Looking for a change, she wanted to join a private fund — and if the position could be in a warm climate with a lower state income tax, all the better.

Despite having a strong network of professional and personal references, she was having trouble identifying opportunities because of her network's relationship with the pension fund where she still worked. And while her professional experience and track record were impressive, her resume also needed work.

Our Solution

  • We engaged our extensive networks and industry-leading databases, positioning our client to appeal to leaders at the top private funds located on her list of desired states. 

  • Based on our outreach and marketing of our client, we were able to quickly present her with viable interview opportunities versus aimless network conversations. 

  • As part of our one-of-a-kind Executive Marketing program, we coached our client on how to effectively convey her background and career trajectory in interviews and how to handle those tough-to-answer questions about why she was looking to transition roles.


Today, our client is happily managing a private fund for a firm with a long-term investment strategy. Most importantly, she transitioned away from the microscope of working for a public firm, lives in a desirable warm climate and eliminated her state income tax burden. 

Harnessing the power of a proven proprietary program of marketing and career coaching, 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing & Job Finding has represented and placed more than 500 executives in the US and around the world. As experts in the fields of career coaching and job finding, you'll outsource almost every aspect of your job search to us!

We want you to be our next success story. Schedule a conversation today with one of our Executive Marketing & Job Finding experts by calling 708.246.2100 or filling out the form at right.

News You Can Use: How to Feel Appreciated in the Workplace

Photo: Amy Hirschi / Unsplash

Photo: Amy Hirschi / Unsplash

Perhaps you left your last job because you felt your efforts were going unnoticed. As you're searching for your next opportunity, take this moment to re-frame your role at your next company. By understanding your company's organizational priorities, demonstrating initiative on new projects, delivering results and, yes, showing appreciation, you're sure to rise to the top — and stay there.

The expert career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing are here to guide you through the entire job finding and hiring process with proven proprietary techniques that will set you up for success from Day One. Learn more by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to connect with one of our career consultants today.

This Is the Right Way to Assert Your Importance at Work | Fast Company

News You Can Use: Top Tips for Negotiating Salary After a Job Offer


You got the job offer (hooray!), but you want to negotiate the salary before fully accepting the position. Never fear; this is a typical part of the process. Here's how to handle the discussions so that your new employer realizes your true worth before you even start.

The expert career consultants at 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing can help guide you through the interviewing and hiring process so you are set up for ultimate success. Learn more by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to connect with one of our career consultants today.

How To Negotiate Salary After a Job Offer | The Cut

News You Can Use: What Not to Say When Negotiating for Your Professional Future

Coming across as wishy-washy or, even worse, issuing an ultimatum can kill a conversation about your career with your boss or a potential employer. With a little preparation and a lot of confidence, you can avoid any possible snafus and negotiate your way to success.

Our expert career consultants can help you build your personal brand and market yourself during all of your dealings with employers. To learn more, fill out the form to the right or call 708.246.2100 to connect with one of our career consultants today.

Want to Get Ahead in Your Career? Words You Should Never Use When Negotiating | Inc.

Celebrating the successes of 2018 and looking ahead to 2019

As we are all aware from the headlines, 2018 saw one of the strongest job markets in decades, continuing a surge of steady growth for the past nine years. The national unemployment rate hovered at 3.7 percent -- the lowest it has been since 1969. This is all encouraging news, but how will the ever-changing job market fare in 2019? What will be the disruptors we should look out for?

Read More

Why wouldn’t you want help looking for a job?

The job market is tough right now. Even highly qualified executives can spend months looking for a job, competing against other candidates. In such a situation, it makes sense to want help looking for a job.

Search firms can help you find a job that matches your skill set and your goals. As you look for your next executive position, here are 4 reasons to consider a search firm:

Inside Track on Executive Job Openings

The best executive job openings aren’t filled through public postings. Companies hire headhunters to find executives that fit their needs. The world of executive hiring is one of insiders and rumors. If you want the inside track, you need to be on the inside. Search firms are on the inside because they are the very entities looking for candidates to fill executive openings. Look for a job with the help of a search firm, and you’ll have access to job openings that most people don’t even know about until after they are filled.

Work with Someone Who Matches Candidates with Companies

Finding the right fit in a position isn’t just about checking boxes on a list of accomplishments and job duties. There’s an entire culture to manage at a company, and you will do a better job at a company where you feel like you “fit in” with the culture, and where your strengths are appreciated and needed. When you work with a search firm, you work with people who get to know you, and who understand your needs as well as the company’s. As a result, you are more likely to be matched with a company and a job opening right for you. Your work is likely to be challenging, meaningful, and enjoyable when you are matched with a position.

Get Help Developing Your Resume

A good search firm goes beyond just trying to match candidates with job openings. Your search firm can help you develop your resume so that it is tailored with what top companies are looking for. From formatting to highlighting your most relevant accomplishments, a search firm helps you put your best foot forward on paper. The search firm can also help you rework your resume for different positions to ensure that your characteristics and strengths most applicable to the company and job opening at hand are always emphasized. Having someone on your side to help you navigate this world can be very helpful, and increase the chance that you will get the job you want.

Interview Practice and Help

Search firms offer job hunt help services to executives who want to feel confident about the process, and who want to find just the right position. Your interview with a company is an important part of the process.

Your search firm will help you prepare for interviews. Today’s job market includes a wide variety of interviews: in-person, on the phone, and video conferencing are all possibilities. Learn how to present yourself during each type of interview, and role play different types of interviews. Practice brings confidence, and an executive needs to portray confidence when interviewing for a new position. It also helps that search firms know what companies want to see, and can coach you in a way that gives you an “in” when you interview with a specific company.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to look for a job alone. In today’s tough job market, even qualified executives need any edge they can get. The right search firm can give you that edge. When your career is on the line, why wouldn’t you want help looking for a job?

20-20 Foresight Executive Marketing and Job Finding is a premier job-finding service that follows a proven process to market and place C-Level, executive and middle management professionals in positions with industry-leading companies. The 20/20 program only takes the most talented candidates, if you’re ready to take your career to the next level, apply today.