You’ll have a dedicated team focused on your job search. We do most of the work throughout your job search, but there are responsibilities you’ll be expected to meet in order to succeed.

Because we work hard to find your next job, we ask the same of you.

It all starts with the initial consultation. Afterward, we determine if you’re a good fit for 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing & Job Finding. Only about 50% of the candidates we meet are accepted into the program.

Though we tailor the program to each executive, here’s what you can expect from our process.

1.     Meet your Consultant. This won’t be a one-time meeting—your Consultant works with you throughout the entire process.

2.     Personality profile and psychological testing. We use these tests as a loose guide, but want to make sure you perform well if an employer requires for a similar test.

3.      Skill evaluation. You’ll complete self-evaluations as well as an evaluation conducted by your Consultant.

4.     Review personality profile and skills evaluation with your Consultant. Together, we’ll assess your strengths and areas for improvement, so we can better market your skills.

5.     Create a detailed action plan. We’ll work with you to target at least 2,000 companies where you want to work. Throughout the search, we’re experienced enough to recognize when to broaden the search to uncover hidden opportunities.

6.     Resume creation and critique.   In some cases, we create multiple versions of your resume to help market you for different positions in different industries. We know what hiring managers are looking for, so we know how to make your resume the most compelling it can be.

7.     Extensive interview coaching. Most professionals need to refresh their interview skills. Whether it takes four sessions or twenty, we make sure you can handle the toughest interview.

8.     Use of our proprietary database. Your team will search the 20/20 Foresight cloud computing database on your behalf. We have more than 40,000 hiring contacts in each industry.

9.     Executive marketing. Your Consultant will create a personalized branding campaign to market your skills, reaching out to thousands of hiring contacts and executives on your behalf.

10.  Get you in front of the right people. We line up the interviews for you. Most candidates have at least 10 interviews in the first 90 days.