[20/20 Foresight Executive Search & Job Finding] helped me tremendously and made the transition from being laid-off to one of a re-birth of the real me, in a job I always wanted. In fact, I got several offers.
— Brent T., real estate executive.
20/20 found out what I really wanted and what really suited me, then worked my network and created whole new networks which led to the best placement for my skills.
— Alissa D. executive in commercial real estate.
20/20 Foresight had a plan—which I didn’t—provided hope—which I didn’t have—worked the plan and made me work the plan and it was successful.
— Kevin D., financial services executive.
20/20 gave me hope, made me look at myself [in] ways that I never thought possible (both good and bad), set me on a course to start my own business and even set me up with financing and partners.
— Josh B., real estate executive.
Signing up with [20/20 Foresight Executive Search & Job Finding] was one of the wisest career decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you for everything you’ve done the last few months. That said, it’s [Bob Cavoto’s] friendship that has proven invaluable.
— Mark M., real estate executive.
I interviewed several Job Finding companies to help me with my job search. I found many of the companies I interviewed had a plan that looked good on paper, but offered very little with the exception of “slick marketing” to me but not for the companies I wanted to work for. After interviewing [20/20 Foresight Executive Search & Job Finding], I not only found them to be extremely professional, but also found that their knowledge and ability to lead me in the right path with my career, made the process of searching for the next place to call home that much easier. I am now gainfully employed and I attribute this success to my work with 20/20 Executive Search & Job Finding.
— Gretchen C., private equity real estate executive.
20/20 Foresight Executive Search & Job Finding had a great plan for me, and an even better database of contacts, which led to a great job.
— James Z., financial services executive.
20/20 Executive Search & Job Finding offered me direction and much needed guidance to find my next career. For 15 years, I was involved in financial services. [They] helped me to think of other possibilities that my skill set would fit into. Instead of only one career path, I had many more options. Bob Cavoto and his team are excellent in mentoring and guiding their clients to discover their strengths and examine their weaknesses.
— Bill J., financial services executive.

Some of our greatest success stories happen when we found jobs
just outside our clients’ targeted search.We’re experienced enough to recognize
the best opportunity might be something slightly different than the initial search.

Tom D.

When Tom came to us, he was looking for job in asset management or development. We targeted those firms, but we also contacted other prominent real estate professionals, even those who weren’t perfectly suited to Tom’s profile. During the marketing process, we contacted the commercial brokerage community in Tom’s area.

 Tom eventually accepted a position for a distressed fund targeting mixed-use developments in Chicago. The hiring authority was a top executive from a commercial brokerage who had assembled a $100 million fund and broke off from his brokerage firm.

Peter O.

Peter was targeting a CEO or COO position at a real estate development and asset management firm. Not wanting to limit Peter’s search, we contacted prominent professionals in the real estate industry who may not have been a perfect fit for Peter. During the executive marketing process, we contacted the national investment banking community. We found Peter a position as CEO of an opportunity fund in NYC.

Kate D.

Though she was looking for senior leasing position for an investment and asset management company, we contacted hiring managers outside of Kate’s target. We emailed the consulting community on behalf of Kate, and she ended up accepting a position as a Principal at a real estate consulting firm in Los Angeles.