We call it the 20/20 Difference.
And here’s how it compares to the competition.

Our consultants are experts in your field. We specialize in your industry, so we know how to take your career to the next level. It’s the kind of expertise and understanding you can’t get with a generalist.

It’s the kind of industry expertise and understanding you can’t get with a general recruiter. And with an outplacement firm, you’re unlikely to have the same one-on-one relationship with your consultant throughout the job search

We don’t have a job bank. Other outplacement firms advertise their job boards to entice clients, but they can’t compete with the likes of Career Builder, The Ladders or even LinkedIn. With 20/20 Foresight, you get a job finding consultant for personalized service that others can’t match—and we monitor the job boards for you.

We know it’s not just a job search, it’s a marketing campaign. We sell your skills and your experience to hiring contacts so they can’t wait to schedule an interview. From interview coaching and resume prep to career counseling and expert guidance, we make sure you’re completely prepared for every step of the process.

An outplacement firm doesn’t. They may give you tips on how to leverage your existing business contacts, but you’re on your own to contact companies, reach out to recruiters and sell your skills.

The 20/20 Foresight Job Finding Management System. Monitor and manage your job search online any time, anywhere. This level of transparency is uncommon in the job finding industry, but we want you to see how your search is progressing.

The best database in the job finding industry. We have more than 100,000 hiring contacts in the real estate, financial services and service industries. We reach out to 300-500 recruiters and 200-300 companies, both large and small, each week on your behalf. And we reach out to the right people—the hiring managers and recruiters who have the power to hire you.

You won’t get this with an outplacement firm or general recruiter. We have thousands more contacts than the competition, and we know who to reach, how to reach them and what to say. And if you’re doing it on your own? You’ll likely exhaust your professional contacts and business network without turning up a single lead.

We contact companies for you. You’ll never have to make a cold call or send another unsolicited email—because we do it for you. Acting as your agent, we directly contact hiring managers via email and phone calls. We do it all on your behalf, and we’re experts at it.

The competition may give you access to a database, but you’re on your own to make the calls or send the emails. And you never know if you’re reaching the right people.

Results. Our success rate is 92%. Within the first six months, many of our clients are placed in a job they want, not one they settled for. In fact, many of our clients receive multiple job offers. In the last five years alone, we’ve placed more than 300 executive-level professionals in positions around the world. 

Compare that to other outplacement firms or doing it on your own. Without our proven process, you can wait months to land just one interview—and it can take up to six months to even get a single offer.